Different ways to repair your corrupt QuickBooks Company file

What do you mean by a QuickBooks company file?

Every organisation, mainly small and medium businesses, needs to manage its inventory/stock, payroll, sales, and various other tasks very carefully and regularly. Now QuickBooks is a software solution developed by Intuit Inc, to meet this very need. Marketing tools, training solutions, merchant services, product and supplies are some of the features of this software.

The software solution “QuickBooks” offer a number of services to us. These consist of creation of invoices and reports, managing employees, inventory, suppliers, and customers, tracking job status and change of orders, and monitoring expenses.  Some third party tools and QuickBooks add-ons are also offered by Intuit to upgrade the functions available already.

What are the common causes of QuickBooks data damage?

  • Mistake on part of the user: you can’t really crash the QuickBooks file, but if you unplug the power, or a network cable while your QuickBooks is running, the database may get damaged.
  • Lack of resources: your data may be damaged due to lack of resources like network interface cards, RAM, network cables, routers, etc.
  • Disk crashing: Similar to other mechanical devices, your hard drive is prone to crashes too. If your data is saved only in your hard drive, you’re in deep trouble.
  • Too many people on QuickBooks: suppose your data file is extensive or huge, and you have innumerable people working on QuickBooks simultaneously and that too on obsolete computers, it is likely that your QuickBooks file will be unable to keep the request of all reads and writes, and will ultimately be damaged sometime soon.
  • Uh-oh virus: if your computer is down with diseases like Malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, etc. It is likely to affect your QuickBooks too.
  • Power cuts: your data can get changed in your QuickBooks and cause damage to it, if there’s a load-shedding at your workplace, and the power goes out. Most of you must be having power backups in your system, but we are talking about the ones who don’t.

One of the best tool to repair QB company file is provided by Intuit itself. Read below to learn more how you can fix common errors and company file issues using QuickBooks file doctor. QuickBooks file doctor can be downloaded for Official Intuit website free of cost. Follow the steps mentioned below to repair your company file yourself.

How to repair the damaged QuickBooks company file?

  1. Do it manually: Rebuild data after verification.
  • Open the data file
  • Log in as an administrator
  • From the server, create a local copy of the data
  • Enable the machine’s temporary hosting where it is copied>> open the file>> log in as administrator
  • Select the file button>> Utilities>> Rebuild data

Note that the rebuild takes a considerable amount of time, and at no cost should the process be interrupted.


  1. This is ‘free’You can use free tools like:

– QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool (download link)


-QuickBooks File Doctor

quickbooks file doctor

-QuickBooks Component Repair Tool (download link)

Note that the manual way takes more time, and therefore you can use these free tools by QuickBooks, to get your task done.

  1. Say hi to the third party tools:


When none of the above works, you can use our QuickBooks data recovery service  in order to repair the corrupted or damaged file. This is a very trusted third party source, and will help you to recover all your lost data and fix the QuickBooks data (QBW).

Just follow the quick steps and activate the software.

After the rebuild is done, do not forget to save the repaired file copy on the server, and the local machine, and also add a new name to it, and you’re done!

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