October 2016 – QuickBooks Applies a Major Update That Affects the New User Experience:

Lauren Ottinger – (Product Manager For QuickBooks) – Works in conjunction with QuickBooks design and development team, in efforts to make QuickBooks as seamless as possible for the new user experience. This 4 video tutorial is designed to help businesses get in, and understand how their business is doing, in under 5 minutes.

I am composing this article in an attempt to help any of my readers, that use QuickBooks, stay up to date on the latest enhancements, (like the NEW UNDO button) so that they can get the most out of their software, and their company. QuickBooks states that the update will affect the new user experience, and in the end, they work hard to create these tutorials, with upper level management involved, to make sure we as users can move through their software platform easily.

This 4 Video Will Cover These Topics:

  1. Context Setting
  2. Setup Experience
  3. New Guided Categorization Flow
  4. Navigation Updates
  5. FAQS After Each Topic!!!

If you feel that this training would be beneficial to you, please click the link below.
I recommend taking notes, and outlining the key points as you go along, so that your retention is up, and you don’t have to waste time learning it again.

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