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Most Common Error and Troubleshooting in QuickBooks Desktop Pro

QuickBooks comes in different editions namely Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

QuickBooks Pro is one of the most popular accounting bookkeeping software. It makes accounting and financial management simpler. QuickBooks has both online and desktop version which makes it a popular choice amongst users. It is capable to run on every platform from desktop to mobile including tablets. QuickBooks Pro have lots of features which get many jobs done. It can be used to track expenses and create invoices. No doubt that QuickBooks Pro does all the tasks perfectly but there can be some problems which may lead to contact QuickBooks customer service team.

So today in this article, we will discuss the most common errors in QuickBooks Pro and the steps required to fix them.


QuickBooks Pro features:

Before moving on to the Troubleshooting of some common errors of QuickBooks, Let’s look into some features. QuickBooks Pro have many features that are very helpful and beneficial for maintaining accounting and financial data of small business.

  1. With a single click you can view top customer lists, profit and loss statements and easily track the performance of your business. Pay Now link in invoices can be used to get paid online by credit card or bank transfer more easily. It’s a lot easier to stay organized by finding a single place for all of your bills and notes from your accountants and any overdue items.
  2. QuickBooks Pro gets upgrades throughout the year and you can easily upgrade to latest version whenever new update is available. There is a dedicated QuickBooks support team which is available 24/7. There is a feature for automatic backups of your company file so your data is protected and secured.


What are the causes for most of the common errors in QuickBooks Pro?

Let’s take a look at what are the causes of the most common errors

  • installation of QuickBooks Pro is incomplete
  • QuickBooks Pro download is corrupted
  • recent changes in software have caused corruption in Windows registry
  • virus or malware infection in your computer that have corrupted the QuickBooks Pro software
  • QuickBooks Pro related files have been mistakenly deleted.


List of some QuickBooks Pro Common Errors:

Now let’s take a look at the most common errors in QuickBooks Pro.

  1. All Preferences are not adjusted according to rules

If your preferences are not adjusted according to rules in QuickBooks Pro for your business in coverage selections, email template favorite, charges for late payments, receiving payments and your standard bank account for paying your bills.

  1. Accounting report settings are incorrect

Confirm that your report setting is according to the prefer preference. Inflow or Outflow of money through online transactions are shown in Money Reports. To see how your company is performing the Step-up Reports are used.

  1. Error because of updating

There is a chance when you upgrade the QuickBooks from one version to another, the newer version can’t read the old data version’s data file. Make sure to have a backup file. You can run verification on the backup file whenever uninstalling the older version or installing the new version.

  1. User deletes all transactions

If you deleted any related transaction file or if you deleted one transaction but didn’t change any different transaction related to it as all the transactions are related to each other.

  1. Lost or forgot your Administrative Password

Losing or forgetting password can cause problem

  1. Running of QuickBooks is slow in multi-user mode

Any issues in hardware can cause some issues in data file. Using Audit trail feature can also slow down QuickBooks.

  1. Issues related to Bank Reconciliation

If transactions are not properly accounted for or checked monthly can cause this issue. Or if users suddenly delete any bank or cheque transaction.

  1. The data file on server can’t be located by QuickBooks client

This issue can be caused of the Server Manager id not installed on the server machine correctly or if it’s not working.

  1. Data Backup

Some backup issues can be faced by users if their system crashes and clear your records.


QuickBooks Pro Errors Troubleshooting

Follow the given steps to resolve the issues discussed above.

  1. Always make sure to have backup of the Data

Having backup of your data will always come in handy in situations where there is unexpected problem in your system. Maybe your system crashes suddenly or it has been hit with some virus and having backup of your files will save you lots of trouble and loss.

  1. Drafting a cheque without the bill entered.

If you write cheque after the arrival of bill to emphasized the payment of the bill, make sure that you have entered the bill in the ‘Enter Bills Window’ so when the second bill arrives makes the account payable.

  1. Unable to view Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet Statements.

If you are facing problems related to these financial documents make sure to contact the QuickBooks expert team to resolve this issue.

  1. Slow Speed in Multi-User Mode

Use the Cleanup company Data tool which is found in file to resolve this issue. If this will not solve this issue than you have to contact the QuickBooks support team for further help.

  1. Issues related to creating number if accounts or sub accounts

Even though this one of the best features of QuickBooks Pro but this can cause some issues and frameworks can be confusing so you should focus on the record of the data.

  1. Receive payments step

When you receive payments, you should first record in the Receive Payments window and the invoice should be shown as paid.

Hopefully the above-mentioned steps have helped you in troubleshooting some of the common errors a QuickBooks Pro user can face. If the issue still prevails or you need some information than feel free to ask your doubts directly to QuickBooks experts that are available for you 24/7 to serve the best QuickBooks tech support over chat, email or a call.