Why QuickBooks Pro is the Choice for Business Users

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting and bookkeeping software available on the market today. With special focus on usability without losing out on functionality, QuickBooks has far outlasted most of its competition. The first version of QuickBooks came out on the DOS platform and still retains more than 70% of the market share for accounting software targeted at small to medium businesses.

QuickBooks is powerful and easy and comes highly recommended from a variety of quarters. However, before you even get started with QuickBooks, you need to figure out which version of QuickBooks to get that will be adequate for your particular business needs. There is QuickBooks Basic, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, even a QuickBooks Enterprise version. So which one should you choose?


While initially QuickBooks did not have some of the important software features that professionals desired in the interest of simplicity and ease of use, those days are long gone. As the software became more popular, QuickBooks incorporated many of the advanced features found in full-fledged professional accounting software even though its target audience remained small to medium businesses. With every iteration, the company has only improved its feature portfolio and QuickBooks Pro is the embodiment of that philosophy.

QuickBooks Pro is great for organising all company data in one place for easy and simple processing, leading to increased accuracy and efficiency across the board. The desktop interface is still unmatched by any of the competing software suites available; QuickBooks has the most intuitive and efficient software layout that makes short work of the often tedious bookkeeping tasks.

The Bill Tracker tool gathers all billing and payment pending entries in one place and is continuously updated as payments progress. You can make payments for pending entries directly from the software using the “Pay Now” link that supports both credit cards and direct bank transfers. QuickBooks Pro also has the ability to generate automatic reports that can be based on a customised template and automatically synchronise them with a built in calendar system, thereby allowing you to anticipate and deal with delays and not miss any deadlines. Thanks to the wide range of smart filters, you can perform granular searches to find the exact information that you are looking for, no matter how large the data set is. The Accountant Toolbox section prompts you in case any urgent issues need your attention or if you need to contact technical support.

QuickBooks Pro is available in both one-time licence as well as annual subscription forms. There also exists a Pro Plus variant with additional functionality that might interest advanced users, but it is a better bet to get started with QuickBooks Pro and later upgrade to QuickBooks Pro Plus once you are a bit more experienced.


  • Tailor made for enterprise grade performance and utility
  • Connect invoices to bank accounts and credit cards via Pay Now
  • Generating Profit and Loss statements
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Advanced search filters
  • Online payroll processing features

Click on the hyperlink to learn more about QuickBooks desktop hardware requirements.

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